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abraham lincoln was the great emancipator

abraham lincoln was the great emancipator
Date: 2007-11-17 16:25
Subject: (no subject)
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Monty and I signed the lease for our new house today!
It will include fridge, oven/stove, dishwasher, AND washer and dryer!
We're both so excited but I can't help but feel that all of this is too good to be true. I'm just as scared as I am excited.
(Monty has mentioned again that he wants to talk to Mark about getting his own place. whatev?)
The new job is going well for now. I'm still training, but learning that it's going to be almost as easy as the service center was. (<-- They were robbed earier this week. Thank goodness I wasn't there for it!) I like my boss but I'm still worried about working in an ALL girl enviornment.
Things are gettings better all over and even though I'm more than happy about it I'm just waiting for something to blow up in my face. Who knows, maybe I've dealt with enough shit this year that I'll get a couple months in a row that go smoothly.
Here's hoping!

(Less than 2 months before my trip out to Phx!)
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abraham lincoln was the great emancipator
Date: 2007-10-29 09:18
Subject: my head is a can of snot chowdah.
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Today is my last day working at the service center!
I am also sick (I'm really hoping to sneeze all over somebody's pile-o-cash).
This weekend with the girls was so much fun.
I'm going to give you the long version...
Michelle got in 2 hours late but we managed to stay up until 6:30am anyway. Tired, and hungover the next morning we met Monty for lunch at a Mexican restaurant with an Italian sounding name. We returned to the hotel to nap until Julie got to the airport. Both girls got to see the roach habitat Monty and I live in, then the party moved back to the hotel where we ate giant chorizo burritos. The next morning we all rose early enough to eat breakfast at Frank's Diner. The gravy flowed like a river! We digested at Shelley's with the dogs and later went park hopping. Woodward was beautiful with roses and squirrels. Chandler was a climbing adventure. We visited Starship for some insence then spent a lazy, more relaxed night at the hotel. When we met up the next morning we ate light at Jason's Deli and readied ourselves for a day of thrifting! That night we ate Lebonese style fish and steak at Eddy's Steakhouse. We digested while we made ourselves up and undead. The party was cold and smokey and the after-party was quiet. In the morning we packed everything up and had another fab breakfast at Jimmie's Egg. After dropping Julie at the airport we decided to hit the Zoo for an hour or two. We saw mostly sleepy animals and later felt sleepy oursleves. At the airport Monty and I shared one last smoke with Michelle and sent her off.
I think I'm still too tired to be sad.
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abraham lincoln was the great emancipator
Date: 2007-10-01 11:05
Subject: taking the humans out of human resources
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So I took a "teller-fit" test today at the Arvest bank downtown. I went in, sat in front of a computer and answered two sets of questions. The first set were the "pick two of four things that frustrate you the most" questions. Often the same scenarios would appear twice, yadda yadda. The second set of questions were the "on a scale of strongly disagree to strongly agree" type. This took about a half hour most of that time I was confused by the first set because honestly there were very few scenarios mentioned that would actually frustrate me.
After I finished I was told to wait for Lynn, that she would be in with my results in a minute. Lynn told me that based on the personality test results I was not eligible to move on to the next step of the interview process. I asked her what about my answers made them decide that I was not a good fit. She then tells me that she doesn't even get to see my answers. The program that tested me tallies the score and tells the Human resources dept that I'm not a good match for them. I told her "I'm not trying to be rude, but why is it that you let a computer program make the decision about whether or not I'm a good employee? I'd much rather be able to sit and talk to a person." She replied with, "Sorry, Ma'am. You can re-apply for this position in 6 months. Thanks for coming in."

I have never felt like this before. To be rejected by a company before I even got a chance to talk to them. I wanted to tell her that I am already a well-trained bank teller, that I am great under pressure, that I am always nice to the bitchy customers. That my experience working in retail has given me an insane, almost un-human amount of patience with the general and generally retarded public. Please, please just sit down and talk to me and quit letting a fucking piece of software do YOUR job and decide MY fate as a potential employee!

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abraham lincoln was the great emancipator
Date: 2007-09-28 15:50
Subject: (no subject)
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Location:work, bitches
Music:sufjan stevens
Work is lame, but so far I have two other prospects. I got a call from Arvest Bank yesterday to schedule a pre-interview "questionaire" and I'm waiting to hear back from the Manager at Borders downtown. Both are full time positions and that's all I know.
By Monday I should have a better knowledge of what's going to happen. Monty and I are starting to look at new apartments because are lease is up Nov. 30th. It's kind of hard to believe that on Oct. 3 I'll have been living here for 6 months. To be completely honest I was worried it wouldn't last this long. Of course, that was before I left Phoenix. And it was only due to my past experience with Eric.
All in all (despite recent bitching about apartment/job/money) Monty and I are really happy. And things are looking up on all fronts now that I'll be at the very least working full time.
I've bought my plane ticket to Phoenix. I'll be in town January 10th through the 17th. I want to see everyone so please let me know you you'll be free.

Must get back
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abraham lincoln was the great emancipator
Date: 2007-08-10 17:02
Subject: work, money and a beard
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Work is going pretty well. I've been promised more hours which will be well needed. Money's been pretty freaking tight since we got here and Monty's last car payment is this month. Over the next month or two hopefully we'll have saved enough for me to put a down payment on a car.
It's really hot right now and living in an apartment with less than cold AC and a car without is getting annoying. This as hot as it's supposed to get so I'm thinking I'll make it.
Altogether things are going pretty well, but not as good as I would hope. The Apartment is still pretty crappy but we only have to be there through November. By then I hope we have enough for a house. Monty is still Monty, Mark is ufortunately exactly the same, just a bit bitchier than usual. I thought he was going to throw a tissy at Monty over the Xbox last night.
I convinced Monty to change his beard a little. It's all fury but his chin. He looks like a devilish porn star with that beard. I've taken some pics on a disposable and will be sending most of them along to Sarah and Michelle, so hopefully one of them will put one if him up. It's really funny that he pulls it off so well.
It's Friday, pay-day so we'll probably go out to the bar tonight. I've finally found one that I like. It's called Caz's and They have a pretty awesome selection of beer and a less awesome music selection. The vibe is good; non-sporty.
The only real exciting thing to post is that Julie is going to visit us in October. YAY.

My life is boring...
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abraham lincoln was the great emancipator
Date: 2007-05-19 13:57
Subject: (no subject)
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I'm over at Shelley's for most of the day doing laundry. Monty went out to pay his car and insurance payment. I'm pretty bored.
The caprice is still dead and it doesn't look like it will get fixed until Monday or Tuesday. I have an interview with Oklahoma Central Credit Union monday and start as a part time teller at Credit Union Service Center on Tuesday.
We moved into our apartment a couple days ago. I've been doing most of the work fixing it up being that I'm the only one home all day. It's looking pretty good. The furniture we've been given is nice, I've got most of the posters up and the bedroom is almost totally put together. The crappy things are: the refrigerator doesn't work, there are bugs, the shower in the master bath leak through to the frist floor, and again there are bugs. Today we planned on picking up some D-CON or some kind of spray for the bugs, but when Monty went to cash his first paycheck from the new job, they said "you don't have the funds to cover this, we have to put it on hold for ten days." so he was only able to take out $264. $200 of which is the car payment, and $60 of which is the insurance payment. The fifty dollars I got from my crap at Bookmans is still on it's ten day hold because it was an out of state check. And I'm still waiting to get my hands on the $45 paycheck from the hotel. So, for about 6 more days, we'll be living off of $45 dollars. I love being poor. Especially when there's $600 that we aren't allowed to touch for ten days.
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abraham lincoln was the great emancipator
Date: 2007-05-13 00:01
Subject: the weeks go fast but the days go so slow...
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The Caprice is dead again.
It's been left in front of some old man's house about 10-15 minutes away from the house. This isn't looking good as Monty has a day's worth of plans tomorrow and so far it doesn't look like he'll make it back there tomorrow earlier enough to fix it. Especially since he can't figure out exactly how to fix it. There's something pretty wrong with it being that the plugs on the distributor keep popping off while we're out on the road. It sucks.
I called the hotel a little while ago to tell them that I can't make it for my shift. I wont be able to get a ride, I'm not walking over there at 6:30 in the morning and I'd much rather spend the day with Shelley and her family for mother's day. I went by there earlier today to pick up my first check and the girl there told me that it wasn't there. This after my boss told me that I could pick it up over the weekend. She told me that he wont be there until Monday and that I could probably get it then.
The bank I'm with is hiring, and it's the branch right near Shelley's house, I'm hoping for that one among many others that I've applied to in the last several days. I think every temp agency in town has my resume and information as most of the on-line job sites are full of temp work. The good thing is that most of them are 8-5 Mon-Fri and pay at least $8 an hour, so even if it's temp, it's a step up from what I've got right now.
Tomorrow Monty is going to call the apartment complex to pick out one of the units they offered us so that we can set an actual date to move in. Things aren't so bad here, but I'm absolutely dying to get all my stuff unpacked and actually start to live like a normal person again. I want to decorate! I want to feel more comfortable in my surroundings! I want to drink beer on my couch, walk across the complex to Chris's to play dominoes and stumble back drunk instead of getting into the car! I want to adopt a cat and keep it secretly without having to pay a pet deposit! I want Monty to not have to worry about driving to work because he'll only have to put on clothes and go up to the office to get his jobs for the day!

I just have to keep telling myself that it'll all happen soon.
le sigh
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abraham lincoln was the great emancipator
Date: 2007-05-08 16:12
Subject: I'm eating a big ball of blue bubble gum
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Monty's nana is making me a "surprise" birthday cake. he totally gave it away when he asked "so what kind of cake did you say you liked?" and then later said "my nana is making you a cake, so don't make one. by the way, it's a surprise."

I finished my first day at my crappy job. It's totally crappy. I almost left each of the three times i had a cigarette. It would still be crappy if they were paying me more than $7 an hour. That's how crappy it is. BOOKMANS I MISS YOU.
Eh, I applied at Metlife earlier today. I want $10 an hour.

Yesterday we went to Ross so I could get some black slacks for the crappy job. I had forgotten how much cute stuff Ross has. And for CHEAP! I get paid on Friday and I'm totally going to blow that $45 on tops and dresses.

Now, I'm going to get rid of this gum and make myself all purdy.
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abraham lincoln was the great emancipator
Date: 2007-05-01 14:50
Subject: fuck this
Security: Public
if monty wasn't coming home in two hours i don't know what i would do with myself.
i was going to go out and do some shopping for monty's birthday (1 week!) and to pick up some other random things, but on my way back from dropping mark and chris at work, the car almost died twice. not something i want to experience again today, especially considering the weather.
i've been on the phone with tower crossing apartments three times today and haven't gotten a straight answer from them yet. the last answer i got was "I will call you back as soon as I know..." That was supposed to happen just after 1pm. It's now 3pm.
The dogs have been acting strange and stupid all day because of the rain. in and out, in and out, ect.
All that and I just realized that I will be having my first day of work (fuck, hopefully!) on my birthday. Now I don't totally hate that idea. Mostly because i'm just crossing my fingers like crazy that i will actually start in the next week. Seriously, if shelley tells me that i can't start with her i will flip my lid. I haven't had any takers on the applications i've put in and i will cry for a day if i don't start work, and move out soon. OMG!!!
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abraham lincoln was the great emancipator
Date: 2007-04-23 18:08
Subject: I wish I had an evil twin
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When I have too much time to myself, I get to thinking about how much happier I might be if I were thinner.
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